Control is a versatile, medium-firm hold non-aerosol hair spray that offers weightless manageability and radiant shine. It is suitable for all hair types and dries quickly.


Feature Ingredients:
Organic Chamomile and Mushroom Dehydrasomes are certified organic Phospholipids that are dispersed in biomimetic certified organic sunflower oil. This soothing, calming extract is rich in flavonoids that provide anti-oxidant properties.

Noni Fruit Extract provides moisturizing, conditioning and anti-oxidant benefits.

Ulva Lactuca (Sea Lettuce) Extract is a skin conditioner that provides radical scavenging properties.

Papaya Leaf Extract contains essential compounds like papain enzymes that improve texture and luminosity.

Passion Flower Extract is a natural extract from the leaves of Passiflora Incarnata. Passion flowers are sought after for their wellness properties, they also promote serenity and relaxation.


SKU: 007M
  • Spray Control onto finished hair to set styling. Spray should be dispensed 5-10 inches away from hair for varying levels of hold. 

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